Vinny Marra started his training with bodywork therapy at the
Physicotherapea Golden Lotus in Ingarno, Switzerland in 1979. Since
that time Vinny has also trained and been nationally and internationally
certified in the following areas: Cranio-Sacral Restructuring from the
National Institute of Cranio-Sacral Studies, Structural Integration
Therapy, Mayo facial Release, Touch for Health, Soma Work, Looyen
Work, Samassati (Color Puncture) from the Samassati Institute, Martin
Soma Cranio-Sacral Balancing, Neuro-Cranial Muscular Re-Education
and China Healthways Institute.
People have been helped with headaches, sciatica, TMJ dysfunction,
Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome, spinal distortions, back and neck pain,
chronic pain, chronic muscle tension, cranial nerve problems (vision,
hearing, dizziness, ringing in the ears, etc.), and neck curve and leg
length difference. By using this unique combination of techniques,
Vinny is able to release the core misalignment in the skeletal structure.
The body balances with ease of breath and motion.

Vinny Marra spends one hour with you which cost $110.

Please call 919-932-6262 Ext. 213 for appointments.  
Vinny Marra, L.M.B.T.
Structural Energetic Therapy
NC license #609