Ann has been practicing Reiki since 1990 and became a Reiki Master in
1997 after a two and a half year apprenticeship with her teacher. She holds a
Doctorate in Ministry, an M.Ed. in Counseling, and is a Certified Practitioner
of Rosen Method Emotional Bodywork, Chinese Acupressure (with a
speciali-zation in emotional balancing), and the Woolger Deep Memory
Process. She maintains a private practice on Ocracoke Island and at The
Wellness Alliance.   

   * * * * * * *
One morning in 1989 I was cooking breakfast for six guests at my Bed and
Breakfast house on Ocracoke Island, part of North Carolina’s Outer Banks.
As I looked at the table of folks I was suddenly aware of a desire to touch
them with my hands! This was an unusual feeling for me. At that time I
worked six months of the year at my B&B and the other six months I
traveled the state, teaching photography in NC’s Artist-in-Schools Program.
That morning in 1989 something new was awakening inside me and I did not
understand it.

Several months later I was sponsoring a Japanese cooking class at my B&B
when the front door opened and a man with shoulder length brown hair
walked in. I recognized him instantly, but in reality had no knowledge of who
he was. I learned that he was a Reiki Teaching Master and that weekend I
experienced my first Reiki treatment. I was deeply affected by that
treatment and soon traveled to Chapel Hill to
begin studying Reiki with him. What a life-changing journey was initiated!

For the next eight years I studied energy and emotional healing in Berkeley,
California, traveling there in winter months when my B&B was closed. I
studied at the Acupressure Institute, the oldest school of Asian bodywork in
the U.S.  I became certified in Chinese Acupressure with a specialization in
emotional balancing.  Acupressure and the energy meridians offer a clear
view of our bodies’ natural pathways for healing and restoring vitality,
known as chi.

During the same years in Berkeley I studied a profound form of emotional
bodywork known as Rosen Method.  This method’s gentle touch offers
access to the unconscious where many old losses or wounds are held in our
bodies. With no goal or agenda other than finding more ease in our own
bodies, Rosen Method reaches and allows space for our forgotten parts to
reemerge in a safe and non-judgmental way.  As adults we may now be ready
to see or feel our childhood pains or losses.  I love the gentle beauty of this
emotional bodywork. Rosen Method invites us to be more deeply aware of
our feeling self in this very moment. It is transformational and life-affirming

In 1993 and 1995  I worked as a teaching assitant with Marion Rosen, now in
her 90’s and a pioneer in the somatic movement of exploring our
consciousness through gentle touch, breath, and our feelings. In 1994  I was
a Rosen teaching assistant at Omega Institute in New York.  I became a
certified Rosen pracitioner in 1996 and later an Introductory workshop
teacher. Practicing Rosen Method is part of my life’s purpose.
One client said after his first session, “I feel like a man who has been given a
tall glass of nourishing water, and I didn’t even know I was thirsty.”

In 1997 after a two and a half year apprenticeship I became a Reiki Teaching
Master. Teaching Reiki challenges me on all levels and has offered amazing
moments of grace, healing, and spiritual awareness. Reiki means “universal
life force energy” and through the inititations or attunements given by the
teacher, others are opened up to receive and send Reiki energy for healing.  
Reiki is a gift of personal empowerment through spiritual connection.  It is a
great blessing to receive as well as give.  I love teaching Reiki.

My hands have continued to lead me into other forms of bodywork,
including Woolger’s Deep Memory Process (certified in 1998). Currently I
am studying Healing Touch and have completed Level 4.   In 2006  I
received my Doctorate in Ministry  from Matthew Fox’  University of
Creation Spirituality in Oakland, Ca.  I wrote my dissertation about my
spiritual awakening through Reiki and kundalini experiences . Both art and
bodywork helped me to integrate and express this powerful transformation.

I know that our bodies are our sacred vessels for life, for they are pathways
into deep connection with spirit and joy, as well as pain.
I know that bodywork has opened me to profound experiences I never
imagined. I know that giving or receiving bodywork also helps me to feel
more grounded and present in everyday life and work. Please join me in
exploring wholeness:  pain and joy, light and dark, spirit and matter, heaven
and earth.
Ann Ehringhaus L.M.B.T.
Reiki, Rosen Method Bodywork and Acupressure
NC License # 1033

  • Doctor of Ministry
  • M.Ed in Counseling
  • Reiki Teaching Master
  • Rosen Method Emotional
  • Chinese Acupressure
  • Woolger Deep Memory
  • Reiki sessions and classes

Session Fees:

  • 90 Minutes: $90-$95

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with Ann:
2018 Reiki Classes
Reiki Second Degree Ocracoke $325
August 24.25.26   

Friday night class is from 6-9:00pm

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